MiniSevens Rules

Normal rules of hurling, camogie, boys football and girls football apply with the following exceptions.

* In boys and girls football, a solo run is limited to one hop and one toe tap only.

* In boys and girls football, all frees and 45s etc. can be taken from the hand.

* In hurling and camogie, a player cannot score directly from a puck- out.

* All puck-outs/kick-outs to be taken from the end line.

* There is no square.

* Pitch approx 70m x 50m or you may play across normal G.A.A. pitch.

* There is no sin bin in Mini Sevens.

* Games 7-10 mins a side. If teams don’t agree, then games are 10 mins a side.Finals are 10 mins a side.

* Only count boys to calculate boys’ age limit and only count girls for girls’ age limit.

* Mixed teams are not allowed.

* Amalgamations of schools allowed up to total of 6 class teachers.

* A player may only make one appearance in Croke Park.

* Entries must have B.O.M. approval.